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Go the extra mile and cover these 3 amazing packages in a single day. We have planned a perfect combination of three great packaged so that you can make the most of your holiday in Dubai.

One of the most talked about fun activities in Dubai is the iconic and signature desert safari. The vast expanse of provides a perfect landscape for a desert safari in Dubai.

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There are few experiences that are as ‘Dubai’ as the desert safari we’ve planned for you. Cling on to your seat and get ready for some adrenaline pumping action as our professional drivers whip you around the iconic sand dunes in the deserts of Dubai. This trip will add countless memories to your holiday experience in Dubai.

Your holiday in Dubai would be incomplete without the experience of a Desert safari in Dubai. Immerse yourself in one of the best fun activities in Dubai and experience the grandeur of the majestic Dubai Deserts. We offer you a complete tour package during your holiday in Dubai. Prepare to witness the vast expanse of the serene Deserts in Dubai that can best experienced with a Desert safari. We offer prompt pick-up/drop service to ensure you have a safe and effortless commute during your holiday in Dubai. Engage in some exciting dune bashing as you soar through the desert sands of Dubai. Glide on the grainy sands on your Desert Safari in Dubai on surf boards and enjoy yourself as the desert breeze brushes against your face. Get a chance to ride a camel and command the majestic beasts to do your bidding, this activity is the highlight for many guest during the desert safari.

Explore the enchanting city of Dubai. What was once a barren landscape of sand dunes has now evolved into a bustling city sporting luxurious ambitions and breaking the barriers of human limitation. A Dubai City Tour is filled with loads of surprises and marvels of modern engineering that will leave you in awe.

Your holiday in Dubai would be really incomplete without a tour of the magnificent city. The tour begins with a drive by the magnificent Dubai creek. Admire the grandeur of the city and marvel at the towering skyline with structures touching the mighty heavens. Get a chance to visit ‘Al Bastakiya’ also known as the Al Fahidi Historical Neighborhood is well acclaimed for its distinct historic and cultural value. The construction of this district dates back to the 1890’s where it was once a bustling town. In 1989 Dubai municipality passed an order that parts of this town were to be demolished. However a British architect Rayner Otter made extensive renovations to the house he was staying in. Rayner started a campaign to preserve the cultural heritage of this area and even wrote a letter to Prince Charles who was scheduled to visit Dubai that year. Prince Charles accepted this invite and after he visited the town he suggested and promoted its preservation. Following his intervention the demolition was canceled and a restoration project began on a war footing.

This town was built by Persian merchants and boasts of a rich cultural heritage. The restored buildings feature ‘wind towers’ which were an early and effective form of ‘air conditioning’. A few buildings remain private but the rest are open to public viewing. These include the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, Dubai Museum, Arabian Tea house, Majilis Gallery among other interesting attractions.

The Dubai city tour is a magnificent opportunity to witness first-hand the beauty of this illustrious city!

Get a glimpse of Dubai by night on a traditional Dhow sailing in the Dubai marina. Climb aboard for a magical evening experience in a traditional Dhow that was once the only mode of transport back in the old days. The majestic Dhow will take you across the enchanting and magical waters whilst you take in the sights of Dubai by nightfall.

Live entertainment on board the Dhow will keep you engaged as you witness traditional Arabic art forms while sailing in a traditional Arabic vessel. Sit back and relax as the professional staff provide you with some of the best hospitality and a memorable experience.

Feast your taste buds on a sumptuous buffet dinner laid out by the most experienced chefs who churn out some excellent delicacies. Get spoilt for choice as this delicious spread will tingle your taste buds and leave you with a belly full of delicious food. This experience is perfect for families, couples or even a group of friends who are seeking a quiet yet memorable experience in Dubai. As the vessel takes you on a 2 hour journey enjoy the view of the Dubai skyline, tall building lit beautifully that puts the stars to shame. Dubai is beautiful by day, but mesmerizing by night!


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