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Embark upon a wonderful journey down the famed Dubai Creek in a traditional Arabic vessel – The Dhow. A carefully crafted and brilliant ship is a perfect experience for those who seek a quiet evening getaway with their loved ones.


Product Description

This experience is a perfect blend of unmatched service, professional service, and delicious meals. Sit back and relax as the Dhow gently takes you down the Dubai creek is home to numerous attractions that Dubai is now well known for. This creek is a perfect blend wherein the elegance of modern times meets the humble yet charming origins of the yesteryears. Witness the UAE’s most iconic dance form with the famous ‘Tanoura Dancers’ that will leave you in a tizzy as they spin at incredible speeds to beats of classical music.

Feast your taste buds on a sumptuous buffet dinner laid out by the most experienced chefs who churn out some excellent delicacies. Get spoilt for choice as this delicious spread will tingle your taste buds and leave you with a belly full of delicious food. This experience is perfect for families, couples or even a group of friends who are seeking a quiet yet memorable experience in Dubai. As the vessel takes you on a  journey enjoy the view of the Dubai skyline, tall building lit beautifully that puts the stars to shame. Dubai is beautiful by day, but mesmerizing by night!

Duration 4 Hrs.
Drop Off Time   10:30pm to 11pm



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