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Musandam Governorate is governorate of Oman. It is located on the Musandam peninsula which extends into the Strait of Hormuz, the narrow entry into the Persian Gulf from the Arabian Peninsula. Access to the peninsula was formerly difficult, with the only options being limited to flights or a ten hour drive through 4 immigration posts. In 2008 a faster mode of transport was introduced to reduce travel time.


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The jagged coastline features fjordlike inlets called khors, and its waters are home to dolphins and other marine life. Dhow cruises are a popular activity as well. Some of the sites that will leave you feeling inspired are:

Khasab Fort
This castle is located in Khasab, Musandam. The current form of the castle was built by the Portuguese in the 17th century on top of an ancient fort built in ancient times. The Portuguese colonized Khasab as part of their plan to take control over the Strait of Hormuz, however they managed to stay there till the year 1624 when the Omanis evicted them. This castle was used as a military base to combat the Portuguese and later simultaneously as a residence of the ‘Wali’ of Khasab. The current castle features a cylindrical central tower in the center and a square shaped outer wall. The current castle compound features an exhibition about the history of Musandam.

Burkha Fort:
This fort is situated about 25 kms south of Khasab in the small town of Burkha. This town is home to two interesting forts, but sadly ‘Al Qala’ fort now lies in ruin. Along the coastal highway you will come across the Burkha Fort that is better preserved. One of the most striking features of this fort is its distinctive central watchtower that is a sight to behold. When the fort was built it faced the sea, however over time the waters have receded and the fort is now surrounded on 3 sides by a dry moat.

A tour of this wonderful city will leave you impressed with memories for a life time. Our professional and friendly service team will ensure that you have an effortless experience.


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